Gifted Evaluations

Over the course of her 14-year career, Dr. Aranda has performed hundreds of gifted evaluations for parents of bright students in Tampa Bay. Through her work with one of Tampa Bay’s large school districts, Dr. Aranda gained not only a profound understanding of students who possess exceptional abilities but also a thorough familiarity with public and private schools’ policies. Dr. Aranda helpfully guides parents through the evaluation process and explains how the results may be used to shape a student’s education plan and course of studies.

If someone you love has special gifts, Dr. Aranda can help ensure they receive the best education possible to ensure they flourish. Please call today to set up an appointment for a gifted evaluation for your child and feel free to explore the additional resources below.

Gifted Resources

Florida Department of Education Gifted Education

Hillsborough School District Gifted Program

Pinellas County Schools Gifted Program

American Association of Gifted Children

Gifted Advocacy Council of Hillsborough

Davidson Institute Gifted Discussion Forum

National Association for Gifted Children

Florida Association for the Gifted (FLAG)

Florida Gifted Network