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Dr. Aranda is a regular contributor of a column titled Your Mental Health in the newsmagazine World of Westchase. Click on the titles below to open PDF copies of Dr. Aranda's articles.

Click here for Dr. Aranda's recent Tampa Bay Times guest column addressing teen risk taking and school crossing safety.
Handling Kids' Crushes

Can a child be too young for a crush? Or does it matter more how a parent handles a young child's first love?

Why Is My Child Naughty?

All kids tell lies. Just how should a parent handle the fibbing?

Raising an Optimistic Child

Optimistic people lead happier and healthier lives. How can you raise your child to have an optimistic outlook?

Learning Disabilities: How Can I Spot Them?

What do parents need to know to identify the most common learning disabilities?

Is My Child Normal?

Your 2-year-old isn't talking yet, your 5-year-old has trouble paying attention, the kids always seem like they're fighting and your teen is moody and tense with you. Is this normal?

The Importance of Family Dinners

Families juggling multiple schedules filled with after-school activities, work and other events often sacrifice the family dinner. Yet research shows eating together will have a significant, positive impact on your kids.

Stronger Families Through Summertime Fun

Fun summer activities are the perfect way to strengthen those family bonds frayed by the demands of the school year.

Brain Check Up Anyone?

Annual mental health check ups, particularly for children and teens, are just as important as annual physicals.

Preventative Mental Health in Children

Dr. Aranda greets a New Year by encouraging readers to take important steps towards building stronger, happier families.
Teen and Tween Communication: Welcome Mats and Do Not Disturb Signs

Teens and tweens are frustratingly private. But parents' body language and careful choice of words can have a big effect on whether their children will open up to them.

Learning Disabilities and Psychological Disorders in College

As if adapting to a new academic setting is not challenging enough, students heading off to college with learning disabilities and psychological disorders must navigate a whole different set of hurdles.

Helping Your Stressed Child

Parents can identify stress in children and help them cope with it.

Say Hello to a Good Night's Sleep

Study after study documents we're not getting enough shut-eye. How much sleep is recommended?

Is Your Child a Cyber Bully?

Parents can easily monitor their children's use of technology to ensure it's being used in a healthy manner.

The ABCs of AGP

Gifted students need to meet certain criteria to qualify for special placement in public schools. What are the criteria and will the gifted program be a good fit for your child?

Adolescent Moods: Is My Teenager Depressed?

It's often difficult to tell the difference between adolescent depression and teen moodiness. Dr. Aranda discusses what parents of teens need to know.

Striving Toward More Thoughtful Parenting

Thoughtful parenting is a form of reflective parenting based on a child's individual temperament, the family's values and a parent's strengths and weaknesses.